Do a Fun Experiment

by Kristine White

You can do experiments with your child at any age. Experiments help build your child’s brain development, promote speech development, and encourage social interactions. Here are some things that you can do:

  1. Put bubbles in your child’s bath. Show your baby how to poke at the bubbles with your finger. Say “pop” when you pop a bubble each time. **Remember to never leave a child unattended when in and around water.

  2. Have your toddler help you wash dishes. Or give your child their own dish bin with plastic dishes in it. Fill it with water and have her squeeze the dish soap in. Show her how to mix it up as you swirl the water. Show her how soap and water creates suds and bubbles. Point and count each bubble with your child. Count again while pointing at each dish they wash. Show them how to dry off each dish while naming it. Ex. “This plate I’m drying is very wet. It’s red and a circle shape." Have them try to find more circles with you in the room or things that are red. **Remember to never leave a child unattended when in or around water.

  1. Grab a large mixing bowl with your preschooler. Have your child tell you what baking items in your pantry you should mix together to make your own concoction. Have your child pour the ingredients in. Feel free to use measuring cups and talk about the different sizes that you are using. You and your child can create your own masterpiece and see where your experiment leads you. Ask your child questions. What do you think might happen if we add water? What color do you think your creation will be at the end? What do you think the stuff in your bowl feels like?

Create your own experiment. Ask questions. Comment on what you see, feel and hear. Bee inquisitive each day and have fun!

Check out this website for more fun science adventures! 


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