Trying New Foods

by Alicia Chalk

I remember sitting down with my nephew one Sunday afternoon at family dinner. He is the pickiest of eaters. As I sat beside him, he had about 5 slices of candied yams that he was just staring at. I asked him what was wrong. He said he didn’t want to eat that because he didn’t like it. Like most kids, you have to ask, have they ever had this particular food and the most common answer will be no. So how do you get a child to try a new food?  

It doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. Try these tips for all ages, including infants.  You’ll be surprised how much it works.

  1. Introduce new foods with old favorites.

  2. Offer without pressuring.

  3. Offer a small portion.

  4. Let them see you enjoy the food.

  5. Try, try again.

Also, encourage your little one to be brave by letting them join you in the shopping, preparing, and cooking of this new food.  They will have so much fun helping, they won’t be able to wait to try this new creation!  Watch here

***Introducing new foods to your baby?  Remember to wait 3-5 days between introducing new foods to infants to watch for any allergic or other adverse reactions.*** 

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