Water Play is Brain Building

by Courtney Gupta

Water play is not only fun on these hot summer days, it is also a great learning activity for any age! Water play helps children develop:

  • Balance and Strength

  • Coordination

  • Exploration and Learning

  • Communication and Social Skills

Place your baby, toddler, or child in a small pool or bath and let them splash. Let her explore the sensation of the water on her fingers and skin. Add some cups so she can pour. She’s working on her fine motor skills with holding the cup. She’s a budding scientist  learning about how much water fits in a cup before it overflows. If you’re feeling brave add sand or mud to create a new sensation and texture for her to explore. Sift the sand or mud and see what happens to the water.  Your older child can gather sticks, rocks, grass, or flowers to add to the pool. See what floats and what sinks. 

As you’re playing, talk with your child about what’s happening. For babies and toddlers, name the object they are playing with: cup, water, splash, sand. If they babble, extend on what they’ve said. For example, if your baby says “ba, ba, ba” while splashing, you can say “ba, ba, bubbles! Look! You’re making bubbles while splashing!” For your older children ask questions about what they think will happen when you swirl the sand in the pool. Always make sure you pause long enough to let your children respond!

There are so many other ways you can play with water:

Remember to always be safe around water. Never leave a child of any age unattended.

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