Why I would Choose Virtual Preschool

by Courtney Gupta

It is becoming clear that this socially distant way of life will be around for some time. As I think about the coming school year, I realize it’s time to shift from survival mode to having a plan for what to do with my four year old. It is time for preschool.

My four year old needs structure and routine. She needs a consistent schedule to look forward to. Preschool, even virtual preschool, would provide that. We would have daily activities designed by an early childhood expert. Since I do not have the mental headspace (or the training) to search for, design, and implement learning activities for my four year old, I would welcome the thoughtful activities provided by my child's teacher. Also, I would benefit from someone who knows what they’re doing showing me how to teach my child.

Even virtually, we would have daily interactions online with a teacher and other children. I know my child needs social interaction, so having the opportunity to see and talk to other children, even if it is just on a screen, is better than nothing. It would also be nice to meet other families in my area who my children will eventually attend school with.

These online meetings and daily learning activities would anchor our days so that we could schedule consistent (but always flexible) learning times. We could have a routine back. This would be good for both my four year old and our family. 

If you aren’t comfortable sending your child to an in person preschool, or if your school district/child care center isn’t offering in person, consider the benefits of virtual learning for your child. I know how challenging it is to be home all day, every day with a four year old, and so I would embrace any chance for something different to do in the day--free, high quality preschool is an added bonus. 

As of right now, some free preschool programs are offering virtual, hybrid, or in person classes. If you are looking for an in person program, please know they are taking the health and safety of the children and staff very seriously. To see if you’re eligible and to find a program, reach out to our Help Me Grow Care Coordinators and we can connect you to a free preschool that fits your needs.


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