Stress Health

 Stop stressing perfection ~ And instead stress what works.All families go through some adversity, but here's how to help your family thrive! Science tells us that these building blocks can help set or reset a healthy foundation for mental wellness.

Mom and child laughing

Mindful mom and daughter doing yoga

baby and parent rinsing off fruit in the sink

woman and child playing with blocks

father and daughter dancing

child sleeping

woman and child reaching for a dandelion

Stress Health/Center for Youth Wellness, used with permission"


In each section, we have included a few children's books that can help support each area, but there are many, many more children's books that support social emotional health. Find an extensive list from The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning.

My daughters' have been remote learning and I wanted to find some new online resources to get us through the rest of the school year here - I got so much excellent stuff from (this) page so THANK YOU!

~Martina, Nicole, and Jenae