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Family Coalition

Who We Are

We are parents, grandparents, or/and caregivers of at least one child who is 12 years old or younger in Oakland County, Michigan.



What We Do



  • Create connections with other caregivers
  • Link families to early childhood resource



  • Seek out and share evidence-based best-practice information about parenting and  child development


  • Bring parent voice to the early childhood system
  • Assist parents in identifying their strengths
  • Support them in advocating for themselves and their children 

Here is what some of our parents have to say!

Why Join the Family Coalition?

Find interactive opportunities to connect with other families of young children:

  • In person parent and child playgroups
  • Family events
  • Parent leadership groups and workgroups
  • Family support workshops

Spend some time with us and find connections and parenting tools you can actually use! 

To find out more, check our calendar or connect with Jessica Trotter


Want to learn more?

Click below:

Jessica Trotter

Great Start Lead Family Liaison 

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Amanda Ming

Great Start Family Liaison


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Autumn Foster

Great Start Family Liaison


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Calendar of Events